About Us

“In January 1991,at a time when I was not aware of the existence of SACIM (Society for Aid to Children Inoperable in Mauritius), I was approached by a member of SACIM in Melbourne who asked me whether I would consider forming a branch of SACIM in Perth. The cause seemed a very worthwhile one and after discussions with SACIM in Mauritius and in Melbourne an Inaugural Committee and a few months later we were up and running under the name COMMSSA (Children Of Mauritius Medical and Surgical Support Association) -SACIM(WA)Inc.”

– Dr Serge Toussaint, Medical Director

Aims and Objectives

COMMSSA-SACIM (Children Of Mauritius Medical and Surgical Support Association) is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide support, both financial and pastoral, to children requiring medical and surgical treatment primarily referred by SACIM in Mauritius. The elected Management Committee, made up of volunteers, meet regularly to ensure that these aims are met.


In 1968 SACIM was founded in Mauritius by a number of volunteers. The aim was to send children who were suffering from life threatening conditions that could not be treated in Mauritius to hospitals overseas for medical and surgical care. Initially the majority of cases were children with congenital cardiac problems.

The main overseas treatment centres in Australia were  Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. Expatriate Mauritians founded branches of SACIM in Melbourne and Sydney in the ’70’s. Due to the closer proximity of Perth to Mauritius a number of children were sent to Royal Perth Hospital for cardiac surgery in the late’ 70’s and early ’80’s. The children were caringly looked after by Mauritians living in Perth, although no formal branch of SACIM existed in Western Australia.

In 1991 COMMSSA-SACIM (WA) Inc was established to meet the increasing need of children requiring treatment in Perth.